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2015-05-22, Innos, Launch, News, Phones, Technology, Trending,  

Innos D6000 Released: 6000mAh battery and Great Specs for $290!

Today we have smartphones, which are full of features and everything, but you have to admit that there is one particular department that lacks innovation – the battery. Indeed, manufacturers introduce various power management modes, chip makers produce some more power efficient processors. However, that does not seem to be enough. Then the manufacturers decided...

2015-03-25, Innos, News, Phones, Technology, Trending,  

Innos D600 boasts 6000mah battery and USB C

  It hasn’t taken long for Chinese phone makers to adopt USB C, with Innos being one of the first to confirm they will use the new standard for their Innos D600. Chinese phone maker Innos, although not very well-known internationally, have a long tradition of making large battery phones. Their latest will boast a...

2015-03-06, Innos, News, Phones,  

Innos D6000 With 6,000mAh Spotted

And again there is a new battery monster from the far-east to take a look at, which beats everything we’ve seen so far. This time it’s coming from phone maker “Innos”, which we haven’t heard about so far. The phone is called D6000, and as oh-so often the batteries capacity is part of the name...