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2015-09-08, Launch, News, Phones, PPTV, Technology, Trending,  

PPTV launch first phone with 2K, 3D display and HIFI Audio

Today it was the turn of PPTV to make an announcement for its new phone, and as rumoured suggested the device packs a 6-inch 2K display. PPTV launched its first ever Android smartphone today. The event didn’t have the same amount of grandeur as LETV’s launches, but the phone at the center of attention is...

2015-09-03, Leaks, News, Phones, PPTV, Technology,  

Is this the 2K, 3D screen PPTV smartphone?

Next week PPTV will be unveiling their first ever Android smartphone, but a 5 day wait isn’t needed to see what the phone will look like once launched. PPTV are the second video streaming service from China to launch its own mobile division this year. LeTV hold the crown for being the first, and have...